We Have Lost A Candle – Tribute For Sesan Ogunro By Senator Babafemi Ojudu

At a time when most so-called professionals did not know how to cast good communication messages, a time when most TV and radio commercials were no more than a mixture of sound and voicing, Sesan Ogunro blazed the trail with unimpeachable ideas, ideas that seemed so good to be real.

This same Sesan Ogunro worked on MKO Abiola’s 1993 presidential campaign and created what still remains till today the most popular presidential campaign jingle: “MKO is our man o…” Till today, that song remains evergreen to those who witnessed that era in Nigeria’s political history.

The song remains a sad reminder of what should have been, but never was – a relic of how Nigeria was hacked down on the edge of greatness.

In that same manner, the creator of that jingle, Sesan Ogunro, was on Sunday hacked down by heartless gunmen, sending the advertising industry, family and friends into a shock. I am still in that shock.

Sesan Ogunro was not just a fellow Ekiti man. We did not just work together on Bola Tinubu’s campaign, Babatunde Fashola, Kayode Fayemi, Dele Belgore and my own as well. When I made up my mind to contest for Senate, he sent for me and in his office he told me we must give a powerful branding to my bid. Before I could say Eminent, he came up with Ekiti Rebirth Organisation (ERO). ‘ERO’ in Yoruba means the people. Since then wherever I go it has been shout of Ero! Ero!! Ero!!!

Beyond all these, he was my Egbon, always looking out for me and patient enough to accommodate my demands. I could never get him angry.

No matter how twisted an advertising situation was. No matter how impossible it seemed. Even when all others could not come up with a single word, my Egbon, Sesan Ogunro would offer more than enough options – more than enough communication messages – that could sell anything to anyone, even to the most cerebral. This Midas touch was what he brought into media consultancy and advertising.

This Midas touch, depth, innovation and a rare creativity, far above all other reasons, is why many of his associates would miss him the most, for his death, this death, is a devastating blow to all who drank from his well of uniqueness, experience and a family-like approach to business.

For me, another mentor has been grabbed from me by the cold and cruel hands of death.

He taught me that God is the spring of wisdom, flowing ceaselessly to his own. He also taught me that a claim to God without a heart that cares for mankind is as hypocritical as the biblical Pharisees.

As Chairman of the Board of Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State (BSES), Sesan Ogunro brought professionalism, sanity and a way of doing it better onto the job.

A lover of arts, a go-getter, hardworking, reliable, he taught everyone around him that in every impossibility abounds a myriad of possibilities.

I sympathize with his family. I urge them that though they cannot but be sad, they should have consolation that Egbon reproduced himself before the tragic incident. Sesan Jnr, his son, is a frontline music producer and a force to reckon with in the competitive Nigerian music industry. Egbon Sesan Ogunro has also reproduced himself in people like me and we would carry on the touch.

I sympathize with the staff of Eminent Communcations, the company through which he gave a direction to advertising in Nigeria. Though you have lost a good boss, you cannot lose his good legacies in which you should always find strength to move on and make him proud the more.

I sympathize with the people and Government of Ekiti State, and BSES. We may have lost a candle, but of more importance is to ensure that the numerous candles that this candle has lit be not allowed to die.

Your Aburo,
Babafemi Ojudu, Senator, Ekiti Central Senatorial District

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