Wedding Bells! Bambam, TeddyA Hold Bridal Shower, Bachelor’s Party

Bambam and Teddy A hold bridal shower and bachelor’s party to celebrate last night as unmarried couple

It was earlier reported that former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Teddy A and Bambam, took to their separate Instagram accounts on Sunday, August 4, to announce that they are getting married.

The two who were one of the favourite couples in the Double Wahala edition surprised fans when they continued their romance outside the house.

Bambam and Teddy A, who are reportedly getting engaged on Saturday, September 7, have celebrated their last night as an unmarried couple.

It was gathered that the two were spotted celebrating with their friends. From the photos that emerged online, it could be assumed that the couple is at separate parties.

Teddy A seemed to be at a bachelor’s party to celebrate his last night as a single man with his friends. While Bambam was spotted at a bridal shower organised by her friends.

In a video from the bachelor’s party, a friend asked Teddy A how he feels on his last night as a bachelor. He replied, saying he feels good.

It was alleged that Bambam and Teddy A are expecting, and for that reason plans are being hastened, so they can welcome the child as a married couple.

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