Which University Did You Attend? Obaseki Tackles Oshiomhole 

By Emmanuel Adigwe

Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo, has tackled Adams Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to disclose the university he attended.

It will be recalled that a court case has been filed against the governor over certificate forgery and that the governor forged his certificate in Classical studies from the University of Ibadan and the plaintiffs urged the court to disqualify him from running in the upcoming election in Edo State.

Oshiomhole, while inaugurating the APC screening and appeal committees for members contesting in the party’s primary election in the state, had asked for an investigation into the alleged forgery.
Oshiomhole said: “Someone should approach the UI and end this matter once and for all. If the certificate Obaseki parades is that of the UI, find out how did he pass senate screening of those days? I am aware that in those days when this man never dreamt of becoming a governor, every student, no matter your status or your family name, must pass screening.”
Reacting, Crusoe Osagie, Obaseki’s spokesman, stated that Oshiomhole should also disclose the university he attended describing the accusations against the governor as “baseless”.
He said: “The University of Ibadan is perhaps the most reputable university in Africa. The University of Ibadan awarded a BA degree in Classical Studies to his excellency the governor as far back as 1979.
“The university is still there. If anybody feels the certificate is not credible, why doesn’t the person go there to verify? Why are we just seeing this only in the media?
“Bear in mind that the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, was among an elite corps of illustrious alumni of the university people to deliver a national alumni lecture in August 2018. Do you think such an institution will call someone who is not an alumnus to deliver such a lecture?
“We have said before; these allegations are baseless and come to think of it, which university did Oshiomhole attend to know what the admission process is like? The responsibility of setting guidelines for admission into a university rests on the Senate of the institution. The lecturers who taught the governors are still alive and the institution is still there.”
It will be recalled that Obaseki had since dismissed the allegation that he forged his university certificate.
He said: “They say I forged my certificate. How can you forge the certificate of the University of Ibadan? I am not like those that burn buildings to cover up their certificate issues.
“We have been practicing democracy for 21 years now. We cannot continue to behave the same way. This time, we will change the narrative.”

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