Why ISG Is Funding  Private Sector To Help Govts Grow Africa ~~Tuinstra


 ISG & Partners, under the leadership of  Mr Steven Tuinstra has offered to assist the private sector in Africa fund its infrastructural projects to enable it assist government in creating jobs while also developing infrastructures in the continent.
Fielding questions from the media at the weekend, Steven Tuinstra CEO, President and Founder International Service Group (ISG & Partners) submitted that one cannot develop Africa and create a better life for the ordinary people ”when you dictate your political views and tell the governments of Africa how to run their country”
According to Tuinstra who spoke during a media chart at the instance of  Mr. Moses Owopade, Media Director of ISG & Partners,     there is a big difference between African culture and Western culture.
 Tuinstra who has lived and worked almost two decades in Africa and also lived and worked many years in various other countries in Europe and America explained that it is very important to solve the infrastructure problem in Africa.
He said this is possible only ”when you cooperate with the various governments in Africa” adding that  It is crucial that the infrastructure projects can support themselves.
”This is necessary to not get the governments into financial trouble. At the moment, the governments have run into financial problems regarding their infrastructure projects that cannot support themselves, partly due to the corona pandemic. This must be prevented in the future.
”When governments take out loans of financial institutions, they must strictly fulfill their loan contracts. Otherwise Africa will never get rid of the infrastructure problem”.
Tuinstra said “It is essential that African governments and financial institutions conclude loan contracts where both parties are sure that they can be fulfilled. Then it is no longer necessary to have these meaningless discussions about colonialism”.
He said, ”ISG & Partners has a unique construction model to actualize this on EPC + F basis.”
By solving the infrastructure problem in Africa  he continues, ”we support the private sector in setting up new companies who can in turn employ staff. With a financially strong private sector we create economic growth in Africa. The governments need the private sector to develop Africa and reach a higher economic standard”.

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