Why US Won’t Give Nigeria Experimental Drug —Ambassador

The American Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, on Monday, said his country was not yet in a position to make the Ebola disease experimental drug, Zmapp, available to Nigeria.

Entwistle, who stated this during a visit to the Nigerian Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said the drug was not yet available in sufficient quantity to go round all the countries requesting it.

The ambassador did not say when the drug would be available for Africa’s most populous country.

He only advised the Nigerian health ministry to focus on isolation, screening and prevention.

“You have all seen the headlines at the weekend; this is an issue that we have to keep working hard on, it may be with us for a while but there are some encouraging signs.

“Your government is doing a good job on contact tracing; I noticed when I flew back here on Thursday night into the country, before I left the plane, I filled a questionnaire.

“I was very impressed because I had to put in my seat number, which is a very good idea, so that if you have to trace the guy who was seating next to me, you will know where I am.

“I have been very impressed by this thing, so I encourage the government of Nigeria to keep at it, which I know they will,” he said.

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