Wife Sets Husband Ablaze For Quarrelling With Her

An angry woman in in Kirinyaga county, Central Kenya, has been declared wanted by the police after she doused her sleeping husband with kerosene and set him ablaze following a a domestic quarrel, reports Nairobi News.

According to the report, the man had earlier had a fight with his wife and after they were settled, thought everything was okay, not knowing she still held a grudge against him. In the night, while he slept in the family house at Mwombao village, the wife  sprinkled kerosene on him and lit the fire.

Neighbours said they were woken up by the cries of the man and when they rushed to the home, they found him in flames with the wife already gone.

“We heard the couple quarreling, but few hours later, the man started screaming for help. When we responded we found him burning. We rescued and rushed him to Embu Level Five hospital,” one of the neighbors said.

County deputy police commander, Charles Ontita, said the woman went missing as soon as she had attacked her husband and that the police are looking for the woman, adding that she would be charged with assault if arrested.

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