Wishing Dr Fayemi Quick Recovery

By Babafemi Ojudu
Just been informed that my governor and brother Dr Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has tested positive to Covid 19.
Here is wishing him quick recovery and God’s abundant protection.
Let me seize this opportunity to call on our people back home to observe the protocols as prescribed by the experts to limit the rate of infection in our state.
I am alarmed by the kind of responses I get from our people each time I talk to them about the need to be very careful in their day to day social relations and they tell me there is nothing like coronavirus.
Coronavirus is real and it is deadly but not a death sentence.
Please use your face masks when not alone , avoid large gatherings and wash your hand with soap from time to time. Keep handy your sanitizer when you are not in a position to watch your hand .
Should you have symptoms similar to those of the virus please go for test and do isolate yourself from family and friends.
All this shall pass too.
Senator Babafemi Ojudu

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