Woman Bites Husband Penis Over Money + Photo

A young man living in Area 18, Lingadzi, Malawi, Isaac Zeka, had his penis bitten off by his wife, Dorothy, during an argument over money, reports Malawi View and Gossip.

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According to the report, Zeka had given his wife the sum of K2,000 to go shopping for the family needs but she wanted K2,500, her request leading to a quarrel which generated into a fight.

As the man was having the upper hand in the fight, his wife did the unthinkable by grabbing his manhood and biting off a large chunk.

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According Zeka who reported the matter at the Lingadzi Police Station, though he still loves his wife, he would want her to be punished.

“When I told her I did not have the money, we started quarreling and all of a sudden, she grabbed my privates and bit them. The unfortunate thing is that I was naked since I was dressing up to prepare to go to work at the time.

I am in serious pain but I still love my wife. I just want her punished so that she would learn some lessons,” a distraught Zeka who was receiving treatment at the Lingadzi Central Hospital, said.

But his neighbour however contradicted his claim that the woman was his wife, as they said he is not married but was in the habit of bringing different women home almost every night.

One neighbour said:

“I have been living in the same neighbourhood with Isaac for nearly three years but was not aware of any wife.”

Another said:

“I have been living here for a couple of years and I have never seen any wife; he brings home several women unless he got married last night.

Probably he brought a prostitute home and she bit his penis when he failed to settle ‘fees’ for services rendered.”

But the man in the middle of the stormed fired back when reporters told him what the neighbours said:

“Never mind about those women, they are jealous about my lifestyle; they are actually prostitutes.”

However the case may be, we wish him quick recovery!

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