Woman Sold 7-Month-old Twins For N37,500

It was baffling for many in Sokoto when a young lady was reported to have sold her 7-month-old set of male twins for N37,500 each.

For Aisha, life has not been easy and remains a challenge as her parents were separated when she was an infant and she remained under the care of her mother.

Aisha’s mother, after taking custody of the daughter, was said to have made her hawk some wares.

But Aisha’s father said sensing the danger of hawking, he took his daughter back to his house and enrolled her in an Islamiyya school.

But while at Islamiyya, Aisha started skipping classes and sometimes spends four to five days at unknown places.

Her frustrated mother took her back to her house and put her under the custody of her grandmother, who also found it difficult to contain the young girl.

Sources said during her teenage years, Aisha ran away from her mother and started living with random male teens, eventually being sucked into drug abuse.

Her male friends took advantage of her, even as one of them impregnated her.

The pregnant Aisha lived for a while at the Sokoto Central Park, where she passed nights with elderly homeless women in shops or in the open.

Soon, she gave birth to twins she gave birth without any medical assistance, with only one Asma’u Mamar Abba helping the delivery.

She nursed the twins in a nearby slum, and with the assistance of the elderly woman and some locals who from time to time were said to provide her with food and drugs.

Some months after the birth of the twins, Aisha started going about with them begging for alms, going about with them at the Central Market from shop to shop.

Weekly Trust gathered that it was while begging that she met a woman who volunteered to buy the babies at a hair salon.

The woman, it is said, initially proposed to take only one child, the male twin.

Aisha said she collected N1,000 from the woman in form of assistance. But she went back for more.

“I collected only N2,000 from her before we entered into negotiation for her to buy both babies,” she said.

It was learnt that the woman and Aisha met at the salon for a number of times until they sealed the deal, with the Eastern Gate of the Central Market as the venue of the infamous transaction.

Aisha claimed the buyer gave her N75,000 and collected the babies and made her journey back to Talata Mafara where the woman resides.

However, motherly love soon took over and she decided to go to the police to report that her children had been taken away.

The police arrested the owner of the store in which the deal was struck.

The shop-owner then took the police to Talata Mafara from where the buyer was arrested and bought back to Sokoto where she was detained.

Police Public Relations Officer, Sokoto State Command, DSP Al-Mustapha Sani confirmed the case and said after it was reported, they went into action towards recovering the children but in the course of their investigation, it was discovered that Aisha sold the twins to one Chioma, 33, who resides at Talata Mafara.

Both women were detained.

Asked why she decided to sell her kids, Aisha said it was sheer hunger and the need to survive.

She also said she wished death would come for her, as life is no longer worth living with the burden of twins without a helping hand.

She also has no fixed address and no means of livelihood.

The elderly woman who was Aisha’s ‘midwife’, Mamar Abba, advised that authorities take the babies where they can be cared for.

Another resident expressed concern: “From the way Aisha is living her life, the babies are still not safe.

She is still abusing cough syrup and other drugs, thereby subjecting her babies to danger.”

Aisha’s father, 48-year-old Abubakar, revealed that his marriage to Aisha’s mother was arranged by his parents.

“I didn’t love her mother in the first place. It was against my wish that I got married to her,” he said.

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