Woman Walks Out Of Two Months-old Marriage Because Of Hubby’s Loud Farts In Bed

Villagers in Kapsir, a rural outpost in Boito area in Kericho County, are yet to wrap their minds around probably the shortest marriage and most bizarre separation case ever to happen in their locale.

This is after, perhaps desperate for the slightest of reasons to walk out of her two-month arranged marriage, a woman fed up with her dirty and inconsiderate husband separated from him due to his habit of farting in bed, among other pet peeves.

It is alleged that the man, a tea picker only identified as Serut, is so averse to bathing that his wife had to literally beg him to do so every evening and morning.

That Serut, who is believed to be in his mid-thirties, also had to be sweet-talked to, among other basic hygiene routines, brush his teeth goes on to explain how unhygienic he was.

Tired of pleading with the alleged alcoholic and chain-smoker to observe personal hygiene, the long-suffering woman is believed to have been looking for a way out of the marriage.

The 27-year-old woman, only identified as Jackie, left village mates in stitches after she claimed she could not live with a dirty man who loudly breaks wind in bed and at times laughs about it without apologising or even minding his partner’s feelings.

Perhaps to prove that hell has no furry like a woman scorned, the pissed off woman bore it all to relatives and neigbours, telling them how her husband has to be begged to shower, brush his teeth, change underwear, among other basics, just like a small child.

Interestingly, Serut had been a long-standing bachelor who had to be forced into an arranged marriage by an aunt who was worried of him dying without having sired a child.

Their marriage was barely in its second month, when the fed up woman threw in the towel. She claimed she cannot continue living under the same roof with a dirty man. She asked villagers to empathize with her situation by imagining themselves living with a man who, after sweating in the tea plantation and spending the entire day in gumboots, returns home and gets in bed without bathing, changing underwear and expects a receptive wife in bed during intimacy.

Serut’s family members who had been relieved that he had finally settled down were thrown into panic with the news of his wife leaving, with some trying to plead with her to hang on.

All the attempts failed as the woman stuck to her guns, claiming that their kin was not only dirty but also stingy. Efforts by an embarrassed Serut to calm her down, whilst accusing her of overreacting and giving lame excuses to desert him, fell on deaf ears.

After disgracing and bandying words with him in front of his kin, the woman – with her clothes and other belongings safely tucked into a plastic bag – hopped onto a motor bike and left.


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