Yemi ‘Film Boy’ Morafa’s Upcoming Project With Accelerate TV


Yemi ‘Film Boy’ Morafa is suspected to be working with Accelerate TV on a new project, though he is yet to confirm the collaboration. 


Yemi ‘Film Boy’ Morafa was seen on an Accelerate TV set, alongside Mawuli Gavor, Joke Silva, Ibrahim Suleiman and Theresa Edem. What could this award-winning director be working on? It definitely has to be something big, especially if it includes some of Nollywood’s biggest and most influential talent.


Accelerate TV is yet to release a statement on what to expect from its studios in 2021 asides from its hero shows such as “The Shade Corner”, “Off The Menu”, “Yellow Wall”, “The Whole Truth” etc. Of course, we know to expect features from some of the biggest celebrities and newest talent in the industry. But none of the aforementioned explains why Film Boy, Joke Silva and Mawuli were all together on set. In addition, neither of the actors listed, has posted any information on partnerships with Accelerate TV on any of their social media or made any mentions in recent interviews.


Is Accelerate TV shooting a new movie or a series? The media house has only partnered with other directors, producers and filmmakers but is yet to shoot a movie of their own. Alternatively, if they are shooting a new series, this is a big deal because of the team we’ve seen so far. These are heavy-hitters in the industry.


We’ll have to give this a bit more time, and carefully watch out. Needless to say, we expect nothing less than quality content, full of suspense and drama from the lineup we’ve seen so far.


From the pictures seen, it is clear that the production took place during the pandemic which brings a whole new adventure to the experience. Such as finding safe locations and carrying frequent covid test to ensure cast and crew were safe.


What do you expect from this partnership?

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