You Lied About Obas’ Vehicles, APC Tells Fayose, Says Fayemi Paid Fully For Monarchs’ Cars

The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted Governor Ayo Fayose’s claim on non-payment for the purchase of vehicles for traditional rulers by the administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi, saying deliberate distortion of fact to deceive Ekiti people is unstatesmanly in governance.

Reacting to Fayose’s claim that Fayemi bought cars for traditional rulers on credit, the APC state Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, said the governor ‎is on familiar terrain of deceit, regretting that the governor had chosen lies and propaganda as a state policy. He insisted that Governor Fayemi paid for all the cars.

His words: “The traditional rulers themselves can find out from the suppliers of the vehicles, Coscharis, if these vehicles were not fully paid for.‎ Let Governor Fayose show to the whole world documents showing that the cars were not paid for. This is a challenge.

“We understand his game plan by telling the traditional rulers that their cars have not been paid for. He is seeking an undeserved sympathy from them so that they can support his illegalities. It is a subtle blackmail and threat to the royal fathers so as to put them under his control just as he has desecrated the judiciary and violated the legislature.

“It is also a ploy to misapply Ekiti money. He has collected so far N10 billion refund on Federal Government roads and another N12 billion Ecological Fund from the Federal Government. This is a total of N21 billion in just one month and yet, he cannot pay workers’ salaries and we don’t know on what projects he has spent this colossal sum. For the second time in a decade, Ekiti people are in soup in the hands of one man”.

Olatubosun added that for the second time in one month of his assuming office, banks in the state closed down for business for the second day running for fear of attacks by robbers as the attack on banks has continued almost daily, stressing that drastic cuts in the funds to security operatives to do their job while at the same time increasing his personal security vote is responsible for the upsurge in crimes in the state.

“Rather than pay attention to the security and welfare of the people, Governor Fayose is busy lying to them all the way and hounding his political opponents out of town while at the same time telling the world that he has extended a hand of fellowship to them,” APC spokesman said, and challenged‎ the governor to publish the financial statement of the state for all to see like Fayemi did while in government.

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