Your Policies Are Threat To Ekiti Development, APC Tells Fayose

The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of implementing policies that threaten the development needs of Ekiti people, saying his rice gift token is a deliberate and callous incentive to lock people out of government-promoted self-sustaining schemes that can make people the creators of wealth to take care of their development needs.

The party also accused the governor of failing to pay workers salary 192 hours after he made the promise to pay in 24 hours.

A statement by the state Publicity Secretary of APC, Taiwo Olatubosun, regretted that instead of promoting policies that would take Ekiti people out of poverty, the governor was busy removing the attention of the people from self-sustaining schemes by distributing one kilogramme rice for one-day feeding need of a family.

“What the governor is doing is stark wickedness to the people by distributing one kilo rice for one-day need of the few out of millions living in abject poverty at the time more purposeful administrators all over the world are setting up self-sustaining schemes that permanently address the poverty problems among the masses.

“Distribution of a ‘congo’ of rice to Ekiti people at this period when he cannot pay salary is a wicked diversion of the people’s attention from real problems that confront them daily and threat to unleashing their entrepreneurial skills for self-sustenance and an attempt to turning elitist people into beggars.

“Is it rice they will use to pay their children’ school fees and other needs? Is the life of an elitist person now permanently reduced to rice alone”?‎ Olatubosun queried, arguing that timely payment of salaries could help workers do extra works at their spare time to increase their family earnings.

He also accused the governor of refusing to address the security situation in the state, which, he said, had scared away many investors and petty traders, even as those with investments in the state were considering relocation over insecurity occasioned by kidnappings.

“Instead of creating a secured atmosphere to allow businesses thrive, he is busy distributing rice to a thoroughly abused people of Ekiti State while the governor’s personal security vote is N200 million a month.

“The last time he distributed rice to Ekiti people was December last year when he gave them the same measure of rice and three-month-old fowl for Christmas. Fayose has turned Ekiti people to a tribe of hungry people who need nothing other than taking care of their stomachs once in four months,” Olatubosun said.

The APC spokesman said the dehumanisation of Ekiti people by Fayose must stop, stressing that it is the restoration and promotion of Ekiti core values of hard work, honesty and thirst for self-fulfillment and development that should be the driving force of a genuine lover of Ekiti people for them to enjoy real development.

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