Zamfara LG Polls: APC Wins In All 14 LGAs

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has emerged winner in all the 14 local government areas of Zamfara State, at the conclusion of last Saturday’s councils elections.

Our correspondent, who monitored the election in some of the polling units, observed that there was unprecedented low voter turnout following complete boycott of the elections by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The PDP decided to opt out because according to the state chairman of the party, Sen. Hassam Nasiha, the APC controlled state government is illegitimate as “the APC government is still facing court litigation filed by the PDP and we view it wrong for us to contest an election against a ruling party that is still in court trying to prove its legality.”

LEADERSHIP further observed that the low voter turnout was further compounded by the absence of almost all the major state’s political ‘movers and shakers’ like Governor Yari Abubakar, the state leader of the party, Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima, as well as most members of the House of Representatives.

Dismissing the allegation by the PDP regarding its reasons for the boycott of the elections, the state secretary of the APC, Alhaji Sani Musa Mono, said the APC has twice won rulings by the tribunal and the appeal court and will again win the Supreme Court judgement.

He wondered how a party that was twice defeated in a legal battle “in its fruitless efforts to legitimise its illegal claim” would say that the APC ruling party is illegitimate.

Sani Mono said the PDP was only beating around the bush to score cheap points and bury its weakness and glaring incompetence in the eyes of its few supporters. He added that the APC and the state Independent Electoral Commission had officially written to the PDP notifying it of the date and the arrangements for the elections but the party decided to deny its supporters the right to participate in the elections.

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