Associating With Sat Guru Maharaj Will Lead To Your Failure, Primate Ayodele Tells Igboho


The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele has declared that  Yoruba nation’s freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Igboho, has no direction with his affiliation with Sat Guru Maharaji Ji of One Love Family.
According to him, Maharaji equates himself with God and can never be God.
Ayodele noted that Igboho’s relationship with Guru Maharaji Ji would lead to his failure to actualize the Yoruba nation.
Rather than him relying on Maharaji,” he said,” “Igboho should consult God Himself”.
The clergyman spoke in his church during the launch of his 2021 edition of his annual book ‘Warnings To The Nations’, Saturday, 10 July, 2021.
 “Sunday Igboho has his medium of consulting and praying, Guru Maharaji Ji is his godfather, according to him. And to me Guru Maharaji Ji is nobody to me, I don’t see him as a man of God and because he doesn’t qualified to be God.
“So for somebody to identify with Guru Maharaji Ji then he will have no direction. The point is that Igboho should have applied caution so that God would address the situation.
“He should have done his consultation through the right way instead of relying on a common man, Guru Maharaji Ji who claims to be God but is not and is not even a prophet. I have never seen what Guru Maharaji Ji has ever said that came to pass.
“I dare to say that identifying with Guru Maharaji Ji is a failure to Igboho in actualizing Yoruba nation.”
Also at the event, the Ekiti state born prophet empowered journalists with over N5 million.
It is worthy of note that in February 2021, Primate Ayodele gave out two cars to popular journalists, and empowered several others with about N7 million.
During the presentation of another batch of empowerment, the popular man of God stated that his aim is to empower many journalists as possible, making it known that his projection is giving cars to about 100 journalists who have supported him since he started his ministry.
He went down the memory lane by giving instances of how some notable journalists have helped his ministry to reach many parts of the world which ordinarily may not have happened if God didn’t place them in his ministry.
Primate Elijah Ayodele is known to be a man of God who rewards good deeds, and engage in great philanthropic works. For several years, he has been actively involved in providing for the widows through his Church’s Widows’ Foundation, giving food items to church members during Sunday services, sponsoring Christian and Muslim pilgrimages, setting up businesses for church members, giving out tricycles to church members, buying WAEC and JAMB forms, sponsoring tertiary education of many youths, to mention a few..

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