#Covid-19: 16 Corpses Buried In Accra 

By Emmanuel Adigwe 

The Head of the Environmental Health Department of the AMA, Madam Florence Kuukyi, has stated that sixteen out of the 48 dead bodies recorded from the COVID-19 pandemic have been buried in Accra, According to her, the 27 families whose loved ones have died from COVID-19, had registered with her outfit for the burial of their relatives bit only 16 have been released for burial. They were interred.
She also noted that these burials were done under the strict World Health Organization standards and protocols.
She disclosed that the bodies were buried at a designated site earmarked by the Assembly for the burial of persons who die of infectious diseases and that 19 of the registered were Christians and 8 Muslims.
She said: “It is the responsibility of the Environmental Health Officer to give persons who die of infectious diseases a befitting burial… In these cases, officers disinfect the bodies right from the mortuary to the cemetery to be laid to rest.”
The Gazelle.com reports that the latest update on COVID-19 in Ghana indicates that all 16 regions in the country have recorded cases and 3,755 have recovered so far.

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