Kami-J Sunday Inspirational Talk: Take Action (Part 2)

Taking Action is beyond talking, deciding or delibrating but it is about implementation of the talking, decision and delibration.
In order to make decision mean anything, we need to take action. This concept is so simple, yet most people never move from deciding to doing.
(1)Your decisions must be doable
(2)Stop over-thinking things
(3)Take continuous action
(4)Use your action to overcome fear
(5)Eliminate distractions
(6)You must not only aspire but you must take action
(7)Have a to do list; your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly strategic plans to serve as a guide to take action
(8)Work around your plans in order not to loose focus and carry the assignment out
Thank you for being part of today’s Kami Empowerment Foundation career talk. For more information, contact 08170752386

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