Kannywood Star Ali Nuhu Loses Father

By Emmanuel Adigwe

Nuhu Poloma, father of Kannywood star, Ali Nuhu, is dead.

Poloma, who was once a former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Gombe state, was said to be sick and was rushed to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe, but he was pronounced dead.
One of the producers of Kannywood, Naziru Auwal, aka Naziru Danhajiya, who is an associate of Ali Nuhu, posted the news on his Instagram page. He wrote in Arabic.
He wrote: “Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihirrajiun.
“Ali Nuhu just lost his father in Gombe.”
The Gazelle news.com reports that other actors, producers and directors in the industry like Adam A. Zango, Maryam Booth), Hafsat Idris, Aishatu Humaira, Director Yaseen Auwal are among sympathisers, who shared the post and condolences.

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