Laporta Returns As Barcelona New President, Wins Club’s Presidential Election

Joan Laporta has returned as the new President of Barcelona, reports The Gazelle
Laporta won the club’s Presidential Election on the night of Sunday, 7 March, 2021.
Laporta scored a total of 20,063 votes in the election which translated into 57.69 percent of the total votes cast. Víctor Font came a distant second scoring 10,731 votes which was 30.97 percent of the total votes while Antoni Freixa came third scoring a meager 3,438 votes which was 9.92 percent of the total votes cast. 
The Blaugranas have thus started new voyage after the dismissal of Josep Bartomeu, in October, 2020. Thus, the Ronald Koeman’s side have officially announced their new era. And, almost all Barcelona’s fans are happy bunny, about the candidate elected as their new president.
For many Barcelona fans, the return of Laporta is expected to usher in another golden era for the club as his previous reign saw the club winning many trophies.
Laporta’s return is also seen as a confirmation of the star player, Messi, staying at the club as he is very close to the returning club president.

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