OSUN: The Morning After

By Kunle Owolabi
This indeed is a trying time for the whole world. A rampaging plague is travelling from continent to continent, country to country.
This made in Wuhan virus, since it first broke out last year, has almost drawn the globe back to ancient times when nations only heard about the existence of another nation and knew themselves from a thousand kilometre distance.
This Corona Virus has systematically destroyed the global village posturing a la lockdown. Diplomatic, trade and friendships relationship among countries have almost reached Sub-Zero now. No thanks to this corrosive Coronal.
In any case, no one is speared in fear of this coming or already arrived plague. It reminds one of the Biblical plague that God sent to Egypt when Pharaoh refused to allow the Israelites to return to their fatherland.
Covid19 is somewhat a reminiscent of this ancient feral disease. But while that of the Egyptian was God-made while Covid19 is man-made – made in China abi?
As Nigeria battles with it’s own share of the Wuhan virus, Nigerians now are in panicky mood as the geographical spread  across the country continues to widen.
Only last night, OSUN, my dearest state recorded a live case. “Hahahaha there is trouble oooo,” I could hear people of OSUN wailing.
There is however no cause for alarm in the State of the Virtuous as all hands are on deck to combat the virus by fire by force!
The way and manner government swung into action demonstrated a government that is sensitive to the plight of it’s people and ready to defend them.
The information at the people’s disposal was that somebody who new about the arrival of the man from the UK quickly put a call through to the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Rafiu Isamotu, who all responded immediately by locating the whereabouts of the being-to and promptly picked him up.
He was also said to be cooperative with government by submitting himself to test. Interestingly, the test did not have to travel a thousand kilometres before reaching a laboratory!
Yes, there is a world class lab at Ede, a distance of lest than 4 kilometres to Osogbo. This well-equipped laboratory belongs to the Redeemers University. The university is owned by the RCCG. Thanks to this religious organisation.
Not only that, there is an expert Manning the laboratory. So the result was quick in coming out. And POSITIVE was it.
Mainwhile, the virus has not started germinating, oh that is what we heard ooo. All the same it is commendable the way government responded to this case. It gives hope that nothing that we cannot summount can’t happen.
I wish to commend here the Health Team in OSUN ably led by the Hon. Commissioner, Dr. Isamotu; SA Pharm. Siji Olamiju. The fantanstic duo at the State Hospital, Asubiaro, Dr. Hakeem Bello, the Chief Consultant and the father of them all, Baba, Dr. Simeon Afolayan.
Information available to me said Baba broke his daily routine which he had established more than 40 years ago because of the challenges of this pandemic. It was meeting upon meeting till the weekend hours of yesterday.
And it will continue today. So I heard. Baba, well done sir, it is a service to humanity who have dedicated your life to long ago through Hope Floats Initiative.
TEAM FANTANSTIC ride on. The virus will not be victorious. We shall be. I want to come home for holiday in OSUN and I don’t want any restriction.

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