Rape Suspect On Bail Kills Victim, Her Mother

A rape suspect has run over his victim and her mother with a tractor, killing them. The suspect, identified with one name Yashveer, was granted a police bail a day before the alleged killing.

He has since fled while the police declared him and his brother wanted over the crime.

According to a report, the Yashveer’s father and the father of the raped victim had fallen out over a financial dispute. Yashveer’s father later died, fuelling a suspicion that the raped victim’s father was responsible.

The suspicion led to arrest of the raped victim’s father and her uncle, but they were later released. There are speculations Yashveer’s father’s death was the motive for the rape and subsequent murders.

.”The deceased’s family has alleged that it was not an accident but a murder. A murder case has been registered,” said the police.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj district of India.

Credit: India Today

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