Renovated National Theatre To Create Thousands Of Jobs – Minister

President Muhammadu Buhari has been  commended by the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare for approving the renovation of the National  Arts Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos in order to create  job opportunities for thousands of young  Nigerians.
Speaking at the contract signing and handing over ceremony of the edifice  in Lagos on Sunday, 14 February, 2021, Dare said, “On behalf of over 70 million Nigerian youths, I thank Mr. President for approving this project. When the contract was signed, President  Buhari had written his name into the annals of history in indelible ink as lover of Nigerian youths. The investment going into this place could have gone into any of the pressing infrastructure needs of the country,  but the President had willfully insisted on this project.
“This project when completed will become a veritable creative industry park for our teeming Youths. It would be home to everyone with interest in film, music, information  technology and fashion”.
He assured that  “Creators, producers,  designers, programmers, actors, writers,  filmmakers, and all other kinds of creative talents will make up part of the thousands of jobs that this hub will  provide. I am  personally excited that Nollywood will have a physical location in Surulere, the place that produced countless  and timeless  talents”.
Dare concluded, “Finally, I must warn that the eyes of every young Nigerian would be on the Committee tasked to see this project to completion. As Minister of Youth, I am in the cross-hairs of the people I represent and they are famously impatient, but also famously talented, innovative, skillful, enterprising, ready to be leaders tomorrow. One can hardly blame them as they have not known any Government that keeps its promises such as this and alive to the needs of the youths.
“I urge you to deliver a project worthy of the investment and in the timeline agreed. As my Warri youth friends will say: “Time no dey”.

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