Stop Embarrassing Yoruba Sons, Daughters -Yoruba Welfare Group Cautions Igboho


A socio-cultural organisation, the Yoruba Welfare Group has warned the acclaimed tribal warrior, Mr Sunday Igboho to desist from his constant attacks on prominent Yoruba sons and daughters.
The call came on the heels of Igboho’s recent attack on the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E..A Adeboye over the loss of his son.
It will be recalled that Igboho recently mocked and cursed the RCCG on his son’s demise.
YWG National President, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje however reminded Igboho of a Yoruba saying which says: “when ants see no one to bite, they will begin to bite themselves, and if an ant sees no one to bite it will bite the ground.”
He said Igboho should not allow himself to be misled by the mischievous praise-singers who are prodding him to keep attacking the elders, stressing that such people do not truly like Igboho but are only out to destroy him.
“The truth is bitter but we cannot be looking at him to perish, because we love you, If a child is cutting a tree in the forest, it is the elders who have the capacity to know the direction of its fall.
Alawuje reminded the self-proclaimed tribal fighter that, since YWG’s main objective is to protect the interest of the Yorubas including igboho himself, the socio-cultural organisation is not prepared to mock his down fall.
He thereby urged Igboho to desist from running his mouth recklessly and seek to learn how to speak in the public
“If Igboho truly has a lofty aspiration towards the progress of Yorubas as claimed, then he must not make enemies of the same people he claims to be protecting.
“Why establishing enemity with the same people you seek to protect their interest.
“According to another saying, when people look at you with pity but you keep looking at yourself with smiling faces, then you are completely at a loss.
“When Sunday Igboho started his barrage of insults with the Ooni of ife, many kept quiet, when he did same to Oluwo of Iwo, we gave him a pat on the shoulder. When he picked on the Alake of Egba land, we also kept criminal silence. When he moved from the traditional rulers to political leaders, we kept encouraging him. Now it is the turn of religion leaders. Who knows whose turn is next”.
Alawuje maintained that YWG was forced to reply Igboho saying, “in the past we didn’t want to establish any issue against our fellow Yorubas but we have come to realise that if we keep maintaining silence, the embarrassment to the entire Yoruba race will keep increasing by the day.
He noted that if Yoruba traditional Institution remains great despite an attempt to relegate it by the colonial masters, it will be foolhardy of any full-blooded Yoruba man or woman to attempt to rubbish the same institution that has stood the test of time.
“We seem to be empowering people from other ethnic groups to destroy us. Through our stupidity, these enemies of the Yoruba race hid under EndSARS protest to attack our traditional rulers. We all watched with disgrace how our traditional Institution was violated and rubbished during the protest. If we keep playing cheap politics without considering the interest of our traditional rulers, political leaders, and religion leaders, the enviable heritage of the Yoruba race will disappear in no distant period.
The National President said Yorubas must not, under whatever guise fight themselves, stressing that the YWG will not tolerate any further disrespect or disregard from any individuals or group to Yoruba traditional rulers or religious leaders.
Alawuje reminded Igboho that as a Christian, he must believe in and respect the constituted authorities, just as he could not be a true Yoruba son without believing in the tradition and the culture of his people.
Alawuje acknowledged that fact that Igboho was fighting a good cause, but in a very bad manner and in a very wrong way.
“If you eventually wage war against the majority of those you claim to be representing then what exactly are you fighting for?”, he queried.
Alawuje consequently asked Igboho to apologise to Pastor Adeboye, rather than engage in the fruitless attempt to deny what he said about the clergy’s son,
“We cannot keep dividing ourselves under the guise of fighting to protect our interest. Hence, Igboho must equally realise that, while he sees the actualisation of Oodua Republic as way out, others also reserve the right not to view it from another perspective.

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