We Won’t Allow You Impose Your Stooge On Us, OPC Warns OBJ

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been asked not to impose a stooge on the  Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC) faction led by the late Dr Fredrick Faseun, as such an action will be vehemently resisted.
The position of the group was made known by the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee, Alhaji Jubril Ogundimu, the Balogun Adini of Mushin in Lagos in a chat with The Gazelle News.com.
According to him, the alleged stooge being paraded by the former President is not known to the members of the group.
He stated further that  said Obasanjo has been making frantic efforts to ensure his alleged stooge take over the faction led behind by the late Yoruba nationalist and the founder of the group.
It was reported that the former President is said to have organized meetings with the hope of ensuring smooth transition of leadership in the OPC after the death of the founder of the group Dr Fredrick Faseun.
The faction is believed to have branches in all the local governments and wards in the South West including, Kwara, Kogi, Edo and Delta States.
According to Ogundimu, “We are sending a very strong message to the former President Olusegun Obasanjo to stay clear of OPC.Dr  Faseun left a huge organization that currently has no leader after his demise. We have been making efforts so that the right leadership will emerge. Unfortunately, the former President Obasanjo and his friend Otunba Oyewole Fasawe are making desperate efforts to take over the OPC. This is unacceptable to us. They claim to be making peace efforts, but in reality, they are scheming to take over the organization. We won’t allow this to happen”.
He said Obasanjo had sent his friend, Chief Oyewole Fasawe, a businessman and a socialite to meet with the congress but that members of the group did not see sincerity of purpose in the initiative.
“What OPC members are wondering is what Obasanjo wants to do with the group. This same man jailed Faseun for two years. He had invited Faseun to visit him in Ota. They both went round his farm and ate pounded yam together. The second day, Obasanjo sent the DSS to arrest Faseun and kept him in detention for more than two years. Now he wants to plant his stooge as the leader of OPC,” Ogundimu said.
Another member of the OPC Samson Olubodun told our correspondent that a kangaroo nomination was done with the backing of Obasanjo which produced one John Dele Oshibote as the new leader of OPC.
Olubodun said, “Oshibote is unknown to majority members of the OPC. He is a friend of the state and he is hands-in-gloves with the security operatives. He surely will not represent Yoruba interest. He has no ideology. Obasanjo is desperate to impose him on OPC. We don’t want to be used as a militia by any reactionary group of later day Yoruba leaders”.
He argued that Chief Fasawe had met the OPC twice in an hotel in Lagos acting on behalf of the former President.
“It’s a game plan to set up a front for a reactionary political class. They appear to see the future of what will befall Nigeria and they are looking for fronts to use. We won’t allow this”, Olubodun said.
Meanwhile, an aide of the former President who does not wish to be named however said  that the former President was only interested in peaceful coexistence in Nigeria. “He does not want conflict or any crisis in any part of the country. He knows it will be in the interest of all if the organization is led by a rational and decent person. That is all he wants”, the aide said.

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