Woman Fed Excreta During Deliverance Session

A woman has been fed pig excreta to cure her illness and ‘drive away evil spirit’, a report claims.
Villagers out of concern over the woman’s failing health took her to a sorcerer who performed rituals on her. After the ritual and incantations, the sorcerer declared an evil spirit was troubling the unwell woman.
 As a remedy, the man in charge of the Deliverance session started thrashing the victim, in the bid to exorcise the spirit. When that did not help, he exposed her face to flames and forced her to eat pig excreta.
The woman suffered burn injuries, then her health deteriorated following which she was to a hospital.
The police have arrested and slammed the sorcerer with the charge of attempted murder.
“We are investigating the incident and are in touch with the woman,” said SP Rishikesh Khillari of the Malkangiri Police.
India Today Tv, which first reported the incident, said superstitious practices are  common in the tribal belts of the Odisha.  Instead of visiting hospitals, the tribal people turn to sorcerers, local quacks and black magicians for treatment.

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